Hello Cano Electric Team Members!

First of all, thank you all so much for continuing to work for us and with us through an unprecedented time. We are constantly monitoring the current conditions and are making adjustments based on all information at hand. We will absolutely make it through this as a team – we could not be more grateful for each and every one of you.

Below is a list of ways we are taking action to protect each of our family members as we continue to remain open for business:

  • At the Administrative Office level, we are practicing social distancing by locking the office door at all times, no more than 1 person working in an office space, some are working remotely, all meetings are being done via Video and/or phone conference call and all non-essential person-to-person interactions are being eliminated (ie: technicians coming into the office to “touch base” on a job, etc)
  • Each Technician will have hand sanitizer, soap, gloves and/or a face mask made available to them for all jobs where it is necessary to have these items due to needing to enter buildings.
  • Hand-washing stations (ie: bucket, soap and water) will and are being made available to larger jobs where washing hands frequently isn’t typically available.
  • For any reason related to cleanliness, sickness or underage individuals being home alone – you are always approved to skip working in that unit. No questions asked.
  • Each employee is permitted to buy their own “germ safety” items for their van and/or working environment and will be reimbursed.
  • Any employee that feels it is in their best interest to self-quarantine we fully support that personal decision. Accrued and available PTO can be used by those employees according to company policy.
  • Cancellation of future in-person Safety Meetings, and transitioning to a Virtual Safety Meeting format.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you or someone you have been in close contact with is diagnosed with or shows signs of illness DO NOT come to work, immediately quarantine, report to your local health provider and please notify your manager and/or ownership of Cano Electric, Inc.**

As always, please reach out to me if you have additional ideas, my email and cell phone are listed below.

I know we’ve seen a ton of information swirling around, but I also wanted to provide an infographic that explains everything we know about how to protect ourselves from getting sick. (See below)

Each and every one of you are on our hearts and our minds – we are in this together.


Heather Griffing-Savage

682-230-1147 (Call or Text)






Employee Feedback Link – Suggestions for Improvement

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Use the link below to submit a suggestion for improvement for Cano Electric, Inc.! Suggestions to help improve services, align systems or reduce redundant practices are just a few of the things to consider. We Welcome and NEED Your Input and Ideas to help Cano Electric, Inc. get better, become more efficient, and most of all increase revenue!



Leave Request Form

Image result for Time Off*NEW Process: Leave Request Form

Click the link, complete the entire form, and submit:

Leave requests MUST be in compliance with The Cano Electric, Inc. PTO – Paid Time Off Policy. PTO, and non-paid leave, MUST be scheduled a minimum of seventy-two hours (3 work days) in advance for time off for vacations, personal leave, personal leave appointments, or any other reason. PTO, and non-paid leave, MUST be requested by submitting a Leave Request Form. The form must be submitted according to the appropriate timeline and approved by management for leave to be granted.

Employees will be notified by a supervisor if/when leave requests are, or are not, approved.