C3 Board: #CompanyCompliments #CheckItOut

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May C3 Team Shout Outs:

*To Carolyn: I speak for Billing and Customer Management when I say you are a Rockstar – you  pay attention to details, communicate when appropriate and keep an eye out for the greater good. With all things big and small, from setting up clients in Spectrum to keeping billing in the loop with WO oddities – you are consistent and ‘go the extra mile’.  I appreciate your spirit and enjoy working with you. Thank you for all your hard work! – From Stacy

April C3 Team Shout Outs:

*Thank you to: Josh, Efrain, Greg , & Joe for working service side on more than one occasion this month. – From Carolyn

*Thank you to: Marty, Jake, & Frank for helping out with on-call. – From Carolyn

*Thank you to: Alvin – for volunteering to be the backup on-call tech. – From Carolyn

*Thank you to: ALL the techs for their hard work and being a team players. – From Carolyn Dawson

*For Evelyn: Evelyn ALWAYS clocks in and out accurately. I never have to question her time and she is always onsite, ready to work by her scheduled time. She arrives early but doesn’t clock in until her scheduled time. Thank you Evelyn for being so reliable and trustworthy! – From Lisa

*For Marty: Marty is always looking for feedback on what he can do to improve. He asks questions and strives to learn from his experiences. Thank you Marty! – From Lisa

March C3 Team Shout Outs:

*For Clarice: Thank you for all your hard work getting us organized! So glad to have you as part of our team!! – From Lisa

*KUDOS to Beto, Jonathon and Blake for keeping Forest Cove on task and working extremely hard especially whenever I pull off to help with other calls. They have helped me out a ton! – From Mike

*Thank you Larry, Heather and Debbie for (getting up super early and) providing the pancake and bacon breakfast at our last Safety Meeting. That was definite treat – I only wish I indulged more…next time! – From Stacy

*Joe is doing a great job of overseeing his Apprentice’s times on jobs. He doesn’t enter time for them, but keeps an eye on their times and lets them know if they forgot to punch in or out. Great job keeping everyone accountable!! Thank you! – From Lisa

*For Jake – Great job entering notes about trips to Home Depot. It really helps me when I verify time. I’m sure it helps from a billing standpoint as well! Thank you! – From Lisa

*Efrain is always very consistent with clocking in and out EVERY day! He also does a great job adding notes regarding what time he started at a job site. Thanks for making my job easier Efrain! – From Lisa

*Big shout out to Jake Johnson from the Billing ‘Department’! Jake is consistently on point; keeps clear work order notations, includes verbiage when work is ‘non-warrantied’, and adds used truck stocks materials to the WO without the assistance of others. Jake – Thank you for your hard work and contribution to keeping things running like a freight train on the back end. I have so much trust when billing your work orders that all lose ends have been handled and/or are well documented with directive(s). Sincere thanks for helping save me time and energy when invoicing! – From Stacy

*Jake does an excellent job with his notes. He makes it perfectly clear for me when I am verifying time. Great communication skills! Thank you! – From Lisa

*I would like to thank Jake & Josh for staying late on Monday April 15th to temp in boilers for Trinity Village after apt building caught on fire. – From Carolyn

*Sergio is always consistent with his time. He clocks in and out for every job, every day. Thank you! – From Lisa

*Greg has been doing a fantastic job making notes about his helpers time. He notes when he told them to be onsite before him, or if he has them stay after him for any reason. Thanks for looking out for your Apprentice’s! – From Lisa

*Thanks to Carolyn and Marty. Carolyn helped walk Marty through how to run a credit card in Spectrum for payment onsite! Thank you for being proactive and helping out so much! – From Lisa

February C3 Team Shout Outs:

*I want to thank Stacy for taking time to sit with me after the safety meeting to go over some things. She is always willing to help explain things and is a great coach! – From Lisa

*Tyler does a great job on his notes regarding his time in and out. – From Lisa

*Jake did an EXCELLENT JOB noting and gathering information on WO 11492 for Park 5940MD – made the estimate process SUPER EASY and saved us time and money!! Thank you Jake!! – From Heather